#FridayFantasy – When Fey & Eternals Collide – Part One – #CharacterSketch


Welcome to the debut of Character Interactions!  In this first installment, you will find a unique interaction between Richard M. Anker’s lead character, the Eternal Lord, Jean and the lead character of my own Dark Fey Trilogy, Prevailed Fey of the Light, Gairynzvl.  Richard’s contributions are highlighted for you in italics to set his writing apart from my own.  We hope you will enjoy this collaboration and debut of Character Interactions.  Be sure to stop back / watch for upcoming installments.


Opening portals into other realms was just one of Gairynzvl’s many gifts.  As a Fey of the Light he was born telepathic as well as partially empathic, which allowed him to read the thoughts of another without difficulty. He could also sense the stronger emotions of others, though he had been taught from a young age not to delve without permission. During the years he spent among the Reviled, he had also been taught the unique skill of opening portals; which the Dlalth exploited to their own dark purposes; yet it was a gift he was thankful for, nevertheless.

Standing before the mirror he intended to utilize to pass into that dark realm, he stretched out his hands and spoke the incantation to prepare the glass for crossing; the guttural Dlalth words he spoke causing the reflective pane to ripple like the waters of a disturbed pond.  His deep voice pressed into its surface, penetrating the darkly silver abyss, opening it into the beyond, and the shadows that swirled and heavy darkness that reached through the void pulled at him, compelling him inward.  Grasping the sword he wore sheathed at his side and folding his expansive wings tightly, he stepped forward into the slurking emptiness, pushing his way through the murky nothingness of the portal outward into the waiting domain on the other side, but it was a domain he could never have anticipated.

The darkness, tinged with the silver of an unrecognized moon, illuminated a rooftop, one Gairynzvl teetered on, in full view of a river awash in dark crimson. This was not the world the Fey intended, a different night, a different place, but, still, it intrigued. He flexed his wings, their beating stirring up an overbearing pomade of some strange flower, both unknown and unwanted. There appeared to be music playing from down below and a casual glance over a steep drop revealed the flickering light of myriad candles, an overly bright accompaniment to the internal merriment. All very strange. All very new. 

Gairyznvl prepared to make the leap to a broad balcony below, when distracted by a grunt and the crunching as of gravel to his back, he paused. With a curse of frustration at having been the observed and not the observer, the Fey spun about-face. There before him locked in a one-sided struggle were two men. One, a dark raven of a man, appeared to be throttling the life out of a rather gaudily attired other, who hung from the first’s grip, his shock of messy blond hair waggling back and forth across his face. The throttled man, seeing Gairyznvl, attempted a cheery wave before an involuntary last shake silenced him, possibly for good, and the man in black turned to face his witness. The fire in his eyes suggested he was not best pleased. He was not best pleased at all.


~A Collaboration by Morgan and Richard M. Ankers.



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