As I sat through last night’s Good Friday service that I was a part of it occurred to me that I’ve got to be better.  If my preaching truly did justice to the gospel the church I serve would be overflowing with people.  I’ve got to do better, we’ve got to do better.

How did Christ’s sacrifice those many years ago become forgotten?  He died as brutal a death a man can die, he didn’t have to, he chose to out of obedience to his father.  He conquered death so that we could live.  The cold, brutal, painful taste of death was forever taken for those that believe.

Given this it is difficult to understand why people don’t believe, why church and faith are so inconvenient as to be ignored, faith is seen as a crutch and churches close each year.

I’ve got to be better.  I’ve got to find another level to my preaching and ability to pastor to reach those that don’t know Christ, don’t know faith and don’t know his church.

Pastor Shawn LaRue

Seymour UMC, Seymour, IA

Author of Incomplete