I Sing- #Inspirational #Poetry

I Sing 4

I Sing
When there is Silence
In the Breath of the Shimmering Night.

I Sing
Where there is Calmness
In the Glimmer of Expansive Starlight.


I Sing 3

I Sing
When there is Birdsong
Joyous in its Sweet Calamity.

I Sing
Where there is Spilling Rain
In Gentle Whispers of Tranquility.


I Sing 2

I Sing
After the Storm has Broken
In the Crescendo of thunderous Sound.

I Sing
As the Winds twist and bluster
Spinning like a maelstrom round.


I Sing 1

I Sing
At the foot of the mountain
Gazing up to the Spiraling Heights.

I Sing
When I hear Your Echo,
A Memory of Ancient Delights.


Beautiful Images-
Night Sky by: raafatrola.com
Birds in Flight found at: tharulanka.com
Thunderstorm Photo found on Pinterest
Crimson Crags of Cerro Torre Mountain in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile by Michael Anderson


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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