Drifting With the Rill of Dreams – #Poetry #Collaborations

Rill of Dreams

Whispering Brook of Inspiration,
Tributary of fair Muses;
Sparkle through my Questing Dullness,
While the world confuses.

Your mind drifted
in the cool evening breeze
as you dreamt with the sky
in ease

Rill of Enigmatic Dreaming,
River of Harmonious Light;
Beguile as Reality sits moping,
Then Sing,
Through the Harrowing Night.

And your dreams scattered
like the tiny branches
illuminated by the golden light
of the sun

Living Source of Contemplation,
Bejeweled with Notions Bright and Fair;
Meander through this place of Sorrow,
While Dreams Entice and Prepare.

Your heart swayed
in the gentle, peaceful love
that was bestowed from far above
as you drifted with your dreams…
with your day’s work done.

Drifting in Dreams

This poem was written in collaboration with Neha from http://www.forgottenmeadows.wordpress.com. Neha’s lovely, lyrical, free-form poetry Always brings a Smile to my face and a Sigh to my Heart. Her Gentle, unhurried, effortless style makes her beautiful poetry delightful and easy to read, making you want to read more, and more, and more. (Don’t believe me? Stop on over to her blog and discover for yourself that I’m not making this up!) Neha and I decided to write two separate poems on the Theme: DREAMS. We each selected our own image as Inspiration and wrote three verses entirely independently of the other with the intent to merge them into one verse for the collaboration. My verse and image begin our poem, like a Dreamer Singing Praises to the Dream itself, then Neha’s verse comes in (in italics) as an answer: The Dream Whispering back to the Dreamer. Knowing how wistful and soothing Neha’s poems Always are, I was not surprised (Yet Utterly Amazed!) at the manner in which our independently written poems complimented each other. I hope you enjoy our joint venture and I HOPE there may be another someday.

Neha, Thank You for leaping into my crazy little idea with such enthusiasm and, as ever, such Grace and Delicate Poise. Writing with you has been an Absolute Delight πŸ™‚


Beautiful photographs By: (top photo) Luis Borges Alves and (bottom photo) found on freehdwallpaper.com


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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