FREE Promo – #Epic #Fantasy #Giveaway

Ok so its time for a brief but Shameless Self Promotion Moment, but you may just find it worth your time…

My Award Winning 5 Star DarkFey The Reviled is FREE for a limited time!! Starting Today, March 30th!! Yep, thats it …what else can I say? OH where can you find it?
Grab Your Copy Today and Discover the Dark Fey Difference.
Not Sure? You can Check Out Reviews, Meet the Characters and Read Teasers at the All Things Dark Fey Website
 Thank You for your Kind support and if you might care to share the news 🙂

End of Service Announcement.  You may now rejoin your regularly scheduled insanity…(Wait, thats me!) …reading 🙂

Thank You!


    1. Yeah, I wish Miika would allow sharing. But Thanks my Friend. Its delightful to see its rankings roaring up the chart…even if Im not earning a penny

      Query: have your sales done any better since your Promo, as Miika thought they would???

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