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Whispers Drift upon a turbulent tide,

Love and Hope amidst fear and pride;

Unparalleled anger,

Unfettered rage,

While Harmony Sings, Gently turning the page;

O Cannon of Sweet Liberty,

Serenade of Hope, Passionate and Free;

Lilt upon the sun-kissed sky,

Impart your Blessing in the face of Lies!


In these hours of fear and distrust, in the face of the turbulence around us, Do We Dare to Hope?  Do We Dare to raise a banner of LOVE in the parade of violence and dissension?  I Hope We Do.


While writing today in book three of Dark Fey, as I filled page after page with fear and anger, resentment, distrust and the bold intervention of Love; I felt compelled to share the message about which I write.  I Hope it may stir Inspiration within you, as it has within me!

In the Spirit of Love and Friendship,





Beautiful photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original photographer.  Thank You~