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I never thought it would happen.

Not when words have been my constant companion for longer than I can remember. Days and nights filled with rivers of cascading torrents; phrases sweetly rhyming; enigmatic timing; endless harmonies and synchronizations chiming; yet, I suppose every writer ultimately comes to a place where the tides are churning like a maelstrom and they have to decide whether to sink or swim.

You’ve probably noticed already.  It is by no means a lack of interest, I positively assure you; nevertheless, I have found my time extremely limited of late, or less than late and more like over the past few months, and have not been able to make my rounds to chit and chat as I prefer to.  As a result, I have tried to keep up simply by liking, but I simply do not like simply liking.  It feels less than sincere somehow, though it is by no means so.

You know how it is, don’t you? Life comes along at a ferocious pace sometimes and social media is forced into the back seat.  I have taken a few breaks this year already, but always seem to come back just as behind as before I went away and my writing, sadly, has felt the result.  In fact, I have done far less writing in 2017 than in many years; still, with my deadline (for book three of the Dark Fey Trilogy) looming, I am beginning to feel the pressure.

What to do? What to do? I have turned this conundrum over and over, wondering what to do and have, at long last, come to the inevitable, if regrettable, conclusion that I must put something on hold.  Although that hold may come at some cost, I feel, at the present moment, it is the right (or perhaps the Write) choice, if only so I might Write.




I have said all that to say this:  for the foreseeable future, or until Dark Fey Breaking Into The Light is ready for release, I shall be placing all Comments on Hold. It cannot be helped, though I’ve tried….and tried.

Please Please do not think my silence is indicative of disinterest.  Please Please know with Certainty that my Likes are Smiles for your writing, they are me saying OH I love this! How Wonderful! You’ve hit the nail on the head!  You’ve knocked it clean out of the park!  And You’ve got all dilithiam crystals performing at top efficiency!  Even if I don’t actually say the words, Please Please know how truly I mean it.

You make BooknVolume what it is and I shall not forget; yet until such time as I can share a proper natter with you, I shall be (oddly!) quiet.  I do hope you may understand and shall continue to enjoy what I post during this interlude of Hush.