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Standing immobilized, Evondair did not notice the cart finally come to a halt, nor did he see Kaylyya when she dismounted and came quietly to his side.  He did not hear her when she spoke softly to him and barely sensed when she placed her hand upon his, which still grasped the dagger in an iron-like clasp. Her words swam in a dizzying haze that combined with the pounding of his heart and a sudden rushing noise that loomed up out of nothingness and he would have been entirely engulfed, if not for the softest sound he had ever heard.

It started very quietly; just a whisper; a hint of something inexpressibly beautiful touching the essence of his being.  A delicate sound unlike any he had ever heard before; it muffled the chaos threatening to devour him and soothed the pounding revulsion circling him like madness. His eyes blinked unhurriedly; his senses melded into a sweet union of sound and tranquility, and the shuddering that had overtaken him, stilled.  His vice-like grasp upon the Legionnaire’s collar relaxed, but when his lifeless body slumped to the ground in a heap, Evondair’s gaze was focused on the snowy-jade of Kaylyya’s staring back at him.

Reflexively, he drew a deep breath as the soothing sound of her voice, singing in a language unknown to him, seemed to blend with birdsong and an underlying tone of ethereal serenity. He was surrounded by verdant, lush forest. He floated in a realm of intoxicating beauty and delicious calm.  He could even feel the warm kiss of radiant sunlight as it streamed down through the emeraldine canopy in pearlescent ribbons that caressed and eased.  There was only the sound of her voice and the luxuriant hush it created; there was nothing else.


Lush and deep.

The sweet balm wrapped round him, as soothing as a warm blanket on a bitterly cold day, and his only thought was peace.

Then his viridian gaze widened in surprise.




Kaylyya Synnowyn is a Fey of the Light who comes into the story in the third book of the Dark Fey Trilogy.  She is an average height for a shefey, several inches over five feet tall, and her lissome frame is delicate and graceful with an uncommon double pair of diaphanous wings that spread wide in opposing directions like a butterfly’s.  Translucent lavender in hue, they take on an icy sheen near their tips, while the deep, forest green near their base reflects the snowy- jade hue of her eyes.  Her most striking feature, however, is not her twin wings or the lovely wrappings of skillfully worked wool she wears, but her uncommonly short, tousled, bright blonde hair.

She is from a small wool-weaver’s village nestled in the evergreen forests to the east of Hwyndarin and she has an extraordinary gift:  she is an enchantress through music.  Whether she sings or whether the music reaches out from her essence, its touch inspires the deepest soothing calm, mesmerizing any who are close enough to hear her and the music is inescapable until she releases them.  Fortunately, she uses this gift with pure and generous intent; although if she so chooses, the music with which she casts her spells can be as devastating as it can be comforting!


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Beautiful Photograph is of my Lovely Niece Katelyn taken by AK Photography
Photo editing by Bobby Linn