A Writer’s Muse (Guest blog)

Image: Pixabay

The relationship you have with your Muse can be filled with a bewildering range of emotions, ranging from angst, occasional stupidity (yours, not theirs) to the utterly sublime. It’s unique to each writer, much like our human relationships. The participants can take each other for granted, argue, make up and lose touch. It’s often complex and can initiate great transformation. If this is rather far-fetched for some people, it must be remembered that the Greek Muses were divine in origin and highly revered in the ancient world by artists, philosophers, poets and writers. They inspired, elevating the mundane to greater heights, so allowing the object of their attention to create and manifest works.

The essence of their spirit and those of other muses still lives into our present times. This concept is not constrained by either a particular religion or spiritual path. Once could say they are the driving force within our subconscious, a part of Jung’s Collective Unconscious. In the final solution they are not here to write our work for us, we have to do the hard graft. Terrible realisation but unavoidable.

What of my Muse? Please take a seat, this may take some time. I encountered him as a child in the British Museum, London, UK. The Egyptian Rooms were of particular interest, what a civilisation! The animal headed gods of this ancient land were amazing to a child’s eyes, such an utterly fantastic mystery. This fascination with ancient Egypt has remained enduring and unceasing.

As for my main Muse, Anubis, an ancient deity who seems to have lingered in the shadows for as long as I can remember. Anpu, but more commonly called Anubis is an immensely ancient figure, with more than a hint of shamanic roots. Originally presiding as the Great Lord of the Dead before being supplanted by Osiris. He’s also known as Walker between the Worlds, a traveller between different states of consciousness and Initiator. An odd choice you may think but not without significance. Most of my writing has an underlying theme relating to ancient Egyptian and Jungian concepts. Death, transformation, eternity, gnosis. Not your usual light read, but please don’t let me put you off from tackling an emotionally intense story/article. These are the ones that stir and move the reader, you most importantly.

The relationship hasn’t always been easy, as there have been many periods of wandering alone in the metaphorical desert. There have been occasional sightings of a lone jackal though. The writing is carefully navigated around work commitments but that’s fine for now. Nothing is set in stone, except if you’re incising hieroglyphs on them! Anubis is known as Initiator for very good reasons. Initiations can result in profound transformations within the Self, often increasing self-awareness. An essential component of the creative process and life. As writers we must remember that our words are creating magic, spinning wonderous concoctions out of mysterious sigils.

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