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When All Hope fails and darkness closes in, Remember,
Even in the depths of the cosmos where distances are vast and no warmth survives,
Light Endures.

When Faith falters and shadows rush in to snatch and steal, to cheat and lie, Remember,
Even in the deepest reaches of the heavens where time stretches out to eternity,
Light Endures.

When Trust is shattered and fear settles like an icy mantel that freezes the heart and captures the Soul, Remember,
Even in the farthest reaches of space where infinity expands into the unfathomable,
Light Endures.

It Endures

Inside of You,

Ever Glimmering,

Ever True………..

Morgan’s Musings is the name of the column I am now writing on a monthly basis for Fresh Lifestyle Magazine.  Today my very first official article has been published, marking 2/9, (once again,but thats another post entirely!) as a Blessed day.

Light Endures was one of my highest ranked posts from BnV of all time, so it was not a difficult choice to share the verse for my first article, and then to add a short expansion of the verse, giving a sort of behind the scenes look into what Inspired the poem and why I wrote it, which you can Read in it’s entirety here.

Thank You ever so much, not only for sharing my excitement, but for sharing my journey.  It has been so amazing, blossoming from not having a clue about what blogging is or how to do it, to sharing my very first poem, and then my very first BOOK, to this, now, today, my Very First Nationally Published article in my very own column in a well respected magazine.
OH the JOY is nearly Overwhelming!!!!!! I’m off to enjoy the radiant glow of the Light …that Ever Endures 🙂