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Fair Season


Shall I Sing in Sweetest Clamor
Harkening Thee to The Glory of Day?
Shall I Listen to the Lark’s Pure Chatter,
Spinning Gold From Flaxen hay?
Shall I Weave this Tapestry
Of Eloquence and Finest Speech,
Ignoring the Twinkling Light Afar,
The Simple Implication it Begs to Teach?
Tear down the injustice of captive fear!
Break Free from the harbingers of gloom!
Plant Sweet Roses in Aspiring Daylight,
Where Petals Fragrant shall Blushing Bloom
And Stand in Awe at Love’s Fair Season,
Bluster and Barrows insignificant falling,
While the Nighttide Sings in Harmony
And All of Heaven’s Truth is Calling.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Lady Symphonia