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This Quick, Easy and Light meal is one of my new favourites, and I hope will be yours as well.


6 oz Salmon – Grilled to your preference. Season lightly with salt/lemon and a hint of Olive Oil or Butter.

1/2 cup dry Quinoa pasta – cooked and drained

Mixed Greens of your choice – enough to form the base of a personal sized salad.

McCormack’s Salad Supreme seasoning

Marie’s Lemon and Herbs Vinaigrette.

Kraft Greek Vinaigrette

After grilling salmon, cut up into bite sized pieces and add to your bowl of salad. Add pasta. Season with 1 tsp Salad Supreme and dress Lightly with dressings.

Add Veggies as they please you or eat just this simply.

Enjoy πŸ™‚