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Gairynzvl Transformed


Away from the gathering crowd drawing into the Chamber of Jollity, Gairynzvl enjoyed the liberty of a hot bath and the opportunity to change his clothes.  Dressing in those Veryth had left for him, which seemed to have been adapted to fit him perfectly; he stood before a mirror inspecting his unfamiliar reflection while a male attendant laced the garments round his wings.  When the attendant finished this solitary task and had departed, a soft knock sounded upon the chamber door.

Starting backwards, Gairynzvl prepared to defend himself, his wings flexing mightily as he tested their strength, but no oppressor or diabolical demon burst into the room intent upon doing him harm and, after a moment, he let out a sharp hiss of breath in exasperation with himself.  The soft knock came again, this time slightly more urgently, and he stepped closer to the portal, reaching hesitantly for the handle even as, inwardly, he admonished himself for fearing what he knew was impossible.  He was within the halls of The Temple, what could possibly happen to harm him?

“Gairynzvl?”  A soft feminine voice spoke on the opposite side of the door; a voice so unlike Ayla’s that he froze once again, his thoughts spinning frantically.

“Are you there?”  The voice queried further; a voice familiar to his ears, yet muted and muffled so that he could not ascertain the speaker’s identity.  Swiftly, he reached for the handle, twisting it round and jerking the door open as abruptly as he could manage without fore notice; nonetheless, only an empty corridor greeted him.  Puzzled, he stepped out into the dimly lighted passageway, his lavender-ice gaze piercing the darkness; his sharp hearing acutely seeking the slightest sound of retreating footsteps or wing beats, but nothing could be seen or heard in the empty hallway other than the soft hiss and sputter of torchlight.

Twisting about, he gazed back into the brightly lit room, seeking shadows that lurked in corners, but there were none and the soft voice he had heard entirely vanished.


A snippet from Dark Fey Standing In Shadows, Book Two of the Dark Fey Trilogy.

Here Gairynzvl encounters himself.  Having undergone the Prevailation, a transformative ritual performed by the Elders that released him from all vestiges of darkness that held him captive as a Dark Fey,  he finds his appearance unfamiliar.  He also encounters an unfamiliar Fey reaching out to him from the shadows…