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As it is Thankful Thursday, it’s the best possible time to share my most recent news, for which I am more Thankful than I can properly express (although I shall certainly do my best!)

Booknvolume has been in existence now for close to four years (amazing as that may be!) In and of itself, that is truly something to be Thankful for; after all, without the past (nearly) four years, I would never have met any of YOU.  Booknvolume has given me an extraordinary chance to share the quiet whisperings of my spirit, as well as the thunderous pounding of my heart, and the shifting shadows and light of my writings (most particularly Dark Fey).

Yet now a new and thrilling opportunity stands before me. A bold new horizon to explore, offering an ever expanding spectrum through which to share those same whisperings and musings.  For you see, I am excited and perfectly delighted to share with you,that I have been invited to join the excellent staff of Fresh Lifestyle Magazine, a monthly periodical that seeks to Inspire, Educate and Encourage women and men to explore and Celebrate healthy living in all aspects of their lives.

I shall be joining a team of contributors that includes such notable individuals as Kimberly Perry:  Creator of Fresh Chef Recipes, Television Host of Fresh Chef Minute,  Nationally Acclaimed book Author, “Eat Clean for Life”, and Workshop and Convention Speaker; Dr. Sabrina Black: International speaker, author, counselor, and executive leadership life coach; Lauren Hicks-Jordan: President and Founder of Michigan Fashion Week; Deborah Johnson Taylor:  Co-Founder, Executive Field Leader and Ambassador of the Faith Base Cause Initiative with MedEx Coast To Coast; and Kathi Perry:  the Cleveland Director of Dec My Room, a Nonprofit Organization that seeks to enhance the lives of children and young adults who are being admitted into a hospital for a prolonged amount of time.

As you can well imagine, I am truly Honoured to be invited to add my talents to such a remarkable team!  My contribution will be Morgan’s Musings, a monthly column dedicated to sharing the Inspirations of Love, Hope, Peace and Joy through poetry as well as my own unique brand of superfluous verbosity (that you have all come to know and love?). Dark Fey will also be featured in the magazine’s spotlight this month and will be listed among the magazine’s Favorite Things for an entire year!

To say I am Thankful is rather an understatement, but Thankful I am, and filled with humble appreciation for their confidence in me.  I shall continue to strive to share the gentle whisperings of the Spirit and the poundings of my heart’s passions here on BnV as well as through Morgan’s Musings and hope with all my Thankful Heart that those who read the words I am guided to write shall find them as much a source of Blessing as I do.

A Thankful Heart is Open to Blessings
because it is closed to worry, doubt, and wailing.

A Thankful Heart is Filled with Love
because it empties itself of loathing, greed, and envy.

A Thankful Heart is Overflowing with Peace
because it does not Share itself with lies, distrust, and negativity.

A Thankful Heart Touches Others with its Blessings and Love
because it is Ever in the Presence of Love and Blessing.

A Thankful Heart Speaks in Kindness, Patience and Empowerment
because it does not Speak of hate, intolerance or to incapacitate.

A Thankful Heart Chooses its Path Each Day with Diligence and Joy
because it does not Concentrate on what it cannot do.

A Thankful Heart Walks in Hope, Love, Peace and Joy
because it Knows nothing else.

A Thankful Heart Shares its Purpose
because it is Incapable of Withholding All that Pours from its Abundant Profusion.

Embark upon Each New Day with a Thankful Heart, for Therein Abides the Abundance of Blessing.