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Nature 1

Nature is the Truest, Most Constant Blessing
Whispering to the Heart with Lilting Tones
Singing to the Spirit in visions

Nature 2

We can Choose to Listen to her Melody
Allow ourselves to be swept up in the Harmony
Permit the Song to Penetrate and Purify

Nature 3

Yet, Like any Sweet Melodic Song
We can also Choose to ignore it,

Nature 4

And Like any Blessing, we can
Abuse it,
Destroy it,


or Chop it down.


Will you Listen to the Sweet Song?
Will You Gently Sing Along?



Waterfall: Plitvice National Park Croatia By : Andrea Pozzi

Geysers : Fly Geyser, Washoe County, Nevada – United States

Woven Trees found at : phoenix-legend.tumblr.com

Additional Images found on Pinterest