#FridayFeyDay – The Light That Guides



Echoes of voices whipped round him like autumn leaves spiraling upon the wind, though they were disjointed and unintelligible. The terrifying growl of united Dlalth voices bolstering for battle ascended from the swirling vagueness below and, from the distance, the scattered sounds of a lyrical intonation broken by the ferocity of the winter storm. Evondair recognized the Celebrae petition recited by all Fey of the Light before entering into dangerous situations and, without hesitation, he repeated it inwardly.

Vrynnoth chae Luxonyth guildynn, braechanyth Luxonyth vornae tywylucht.
May the Light that guides vary not and cast Light over this darkness.

Out of the swirling shadows of snow and nighttide, a voice unexpectedly filled his mind so piercing it caused him to flinch backward and shake his head.

May it guide indeed, Healer.”

Nunvaret stepped through the slowly turning vortex of the portal into the pummeling snowstorm, grimaced fiercely at the unexpected weather; then tilted his head back as he gazed upward into the darkness.


A Snippet from the upcoming finale of the Dark Fey Trilogy:  Breaking Into The Light.


Learn Celebrae, the language of the Fey of the Light 



Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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