1. Awwww! Didn’t you put a “Big Awwww” button on your blog? OMG. These are the cutest little guys. We had a wooded lot a couple of houses ago and I put out feeders and all sorts of things to amuse the squirrels (of which we had many). They were definitely amused but more than that they were so amusing. I could sit and watch them for hours.

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    1. I wish I could have, because I would have been the first person to use it! (an AWW button) I do love squirrels. I cannot understand how people can put out birdseed and then go into rages because the squirrels come. They perform such delightful feats of athleticism trying to get a mouthful of seed, I love watching them too! And I cannot imagine the patience and joy this photographer had waiting to capture these amazing images ❤ Lucky fellow!

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