I bowed my head and heard His voice
“My son, it’s time to make your choice.
Will you follow this world and it’s ways
Or follow me all of your days?”

I said “Dear Lord, I follow you
In everything I say and do.
I want your love to flow through me
For this entire world to see”

He then spoke in his loving way
“My Son, your life is now in sway
The world still has it’s hold on you
It’s time you showed your love is true”

I said “Dear Lord, what must I do
To prove that I would follow you”
He came real close to me and said
“My child, your self needs to be dead.

No more can sin be part of you
No more will lies and cheating do
No more can pride lift up your head
No more can selfish ways be bred
No more can words be harsh and cruel
No more can anger be the rule
No more can sin be part of you
If to me you’ll dare be true”

I bowed my head and closed my eyes
And said a prayer that reached the skies
I asked him to forgive my ways
Vowed that I would change this day

I’ll put aside those things I did
That aren’t spawned from your love within
And men will see the light shine through
In everything I say and do.

I felt His loving hands touch mine
And felt His holy love divine
He said “My child, that’s all I ask
I knew that you could do the task”

So from now on, please let me know
If you His love I do not show
Let mercy reign and grace abound
To everyone who comes around

For my desire is plain to see
That my Lord is pleased with me
For that is what my life is for
To bring much pleasure to my Lord


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