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By Sakhi 

Sitting on my porch, I often thought
Why is it so cool, why is love so sought
Why do they laugh, when they often fought
High on the love potion, just a single draught

Lying in the meadows, with eyes shut close
Playing with the leaves, of one pink rose
Counting if he loves me, in a poised pose
Writing how he will be, in poems and prose

Time was flying by me, like a fluttering bird
I will have Prince Charming, told and heard
He will be so handsome, girl you have my word
He will have a palace, a horse and sword

Waiting for my rescue, with all my heart
Youth is so restless, so eager to start
Love seems so exotic, the rarest art
We will be forever, will never be apart

He will be a charmer, a true loves kiss
Going on one knee, “asking may I miss ?”
Dancing in the night, the starry bliss
It will be so perfect, nothing left amiss

And then it was night, we finally meet
He came and swept me off, off my feet
He took me to his kingdom, a cloudy fleet
The birds were singing for us, some did tweet

Keep dreaming and keep hoping, my dear friend
You will be right past it, you just need to transcend
And If it’s not yet happy, it must be just a bend
Oh ! Fairytales do come true, there is a happy end

PS: This is my first attempt to write something for BooknVolume. I am highly obliged to Cynthia for giving me this chance. She is kind enough to accept me as Aurhour on her brilliant blog. I hope that I can please her readers. I also have a humble blog of my own quillnparchment check it out to know more about me.