BnV in Review – Symbiosis



Symbiosis is defined as the living together of two dissimilar organisms in more or less intimate association or close union OR the intimate dwelling together of two dissimilar organisms in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Following this logic (and I freely confess, logic is not my characteristic realm, but humour me if you will…)

The Writer is the expression of all that thought can encompass, filled with mercurial logic, enigmatic philosophies and depths of emotion, but who is limited to communicate these notions through words alone, either provocative or faint; painting them upon a blank and impassive canvas and, in consequence of this action, turning the vastness of that barren expanse into the hallowed ground upon which strides the Actor.

The Actor is the expression of all that words relate; a versatile coalescence of emotion, intensity, purpose, passion, and the terrifying calm of a silent stare; the voice of otherwise silent pawns awaiting articulation; the instrument through which the pen itself speaks to the listener’s ear.

Are these twain one symbiotic spirit conjoined in truth? Creativity locked in an inexorable union; one fully reliant upon the other; neither able to fulfill their true function exclusive of the other; neither capable of savouring the purest form of bliss in the absence of the other?

Are they to be likened to the Telepath and the Empath, forever joined, yet never joining? If there were no written words to speak, what soliloquy might the Actor enact? If there was no Actor to infuse each word with life, to engender the sentiments found in the heart and soul of the Writer, how then might these words be perceived?

The Writer is the Telepath, hearing the words that long to be spoken; words that The Actor longs to portray. Hearing these unspoken longings longing to be spoken, The Writer shapes complications of guise and purgatories of ruse; conjures dichotomy of place and time, weaves tapestries out of characters and charisma into which The Actor may immerse himself.

The Actor, then, is the Empath, sensing the longings longing to be expressed; filling each aloof word set upon the cold page with emotion; communicating through sight and sound all The Writer endeavors to express; bridging the gap between the black and white, and the heart-wrenching, spirit-tugging, fury-filled, gentle guise and sweet seduction of those penned pawns; transforming them into the condition that instills tears and sighs, laughter, anger and perfect dread!

Therefore, are the two Truly One? The Actor and Writer, The Empath and The Telepath, One Interdependent Creative Desire born out of the inescapable longing of the Heart, of the Spirit, to Express and to be Understood?

Does The Actor long to Enact what The Writer writes in order to portray what the Actor might otherwise never actually speak? Does the Writer long to write what it is The Actor can portray so that The Writer might see and hear and feel what it is that he cannot enact alone?

My mind spins, but my heart understands….

Original Free Public Domain Image modified by ~Morgan~

3 thoughts on “BnV in Review – Symbiosis

  1. Morgan, my dear friend, you certainly have my mind spinning. I think, you are a deep and very old soul placed here to teach, question and dream the most beautifully mind boggling lessons one might try to comprehend. I might understand, perhaps. “Therefor are the two Truly one?” I certainly feel so, in my heart, where my soul rests its tired feet. At least for me, that paragraph is the way of it all. How else do great mysteries get solved; screenplays go on to become big hits with remarkable actors, musicians such as Sully Erna become famous. Two have to be as one to form the complete system which functions as a whole. That is why Sully sings “Serenity” so well, Eric Clapton is “Wonderful Tonight,” and R. Carlos Nakai knows how to recreate nature’s ever constant music with a wooden flute. You, Morgan are most assuredly both, writer and reader, teacher and student, heart and soul, thereby infinite and mystery, perfectly you in every way. Thank you so much for writing and posting a well written piece, generating both thoughts and a point of conversation. Many blessings and light to you.

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    1. Sue I am entirely astonished and gratefully honoured by your amazing thoughts. I have called others ‘old souls’ but never have considered myself such, and I thank you for such a beautiful compliment. So very glad this whirling post touched you so poignantly 🙂
      Many Many Blessings, my Friend 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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