In the Shape of the Candlelight – #RomanticTuesday #Love #Poetry



Fleeting in the Midnight Air
Like a Half seen Witness,
Borrowing Time and Elemental Fire
While the Shadows Fall and Twist in Puddles,
Pooling like Dark water in the Shimmering Shine,
Glimmers Sparkle from its Dappled Edges,
Ripples of Magic Stemming from the Curling Waves
Gently Emanating from the Shape of Candlelight
That Illuminates the Midnight.

Touches that Bend Time,
Breaths that Shudder the Surrounding Darkness,
Voices Soft and Hushed in the Whispering Calm,
Waiting for the Paradoxical Moment that Speaks,
Opening the Expectant Promise
In Pale Harmony that Builds before Dawn,
Singing Seductively in the Mystical Magic
Gently Scintillating in the Shape of Candlelight
That Bends the Caress of Time.

Beautiful Photograph found at: .rgbstock.freephotos



    1. lol I wish I could devote my entire day to writing, but sadly, I do have a 9-5er and a house to take care of…and a cat 🙂 So it’s a challenge to balance everything, but I am blessed with Inspiration that speaks, literally, at the drop of a hat. 🙂 Thanks Ever So Much Delyn!


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