Memory Lingers- #poetry

Memory Lingers



Like the Tidal Sea,

Lingers Breathlessly in me;


Like Waves upon the Shore,

Whispering Patiently, More and More.


Like the Azurine Deep,

Reminds me of the Secrets I Keep;


Like the Endless Ocean,

Waxing and Waning in Perpetual Motion.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Iardacil at Deviantart


  1. Morgan, I am certain I’m standing right there in the midst of your beautiful and well chosen words. What a great place to be. Thank you for the sensory explosion, I love it.

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      1. I am somewhat atypical, as readers go–I take blogging rather seriously, as far as reading and commenting…and please know that the enthusiasm is 100% sincere, never intended to flatter. There are some authors I comment more “generically” to…and if folks never reciprocate they usually get cut from my Reader, simply because I only have so much time and energy to give 🙂 Your blog is gorgeous, really a classy sophisticated look…and much good poetry!

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      2. I honestly appreciate it Delyn 🙂 I do put a lot of time and effort into keeping the values I have chosen to uphold and offering a visual as well as lyrical experience. The fact that others appreciate the effort makes it all Worth While 🙂


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