Touch the Sky – #Inspirational #Poetry



Touch the Sky

With syllables and grammar

Utilizations of intrepid verbosity

Singing into the Glittering Spangle

Winging through the cries and screams

Lifting Hearts and Souls to the Sweet Serenity

Lilting in the vast ocean of Eternity

Spanning the void

Granting us Each Pure Opportunity

Through those gifts of Art Blessed to each

To Touch the Sky






Inspired by The Transformation by Ancient Skies
Thank You Nico, for Inspiring me!


Photography is my own.


  1. Morgan, what a beautiful photograph. I love the depth of this poem, I really would love to fly through that sky, wind in my feathers and viewing the globe and cosmos through that point of view. “Lifting hearts and souls to the sweet serenity/Lilting the vast ocean of eternity” This poem is beautiful and you are a blessing.


      1. You are so right, but just think about the physical sensations of that experience. How cool would that be!


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