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The Muse Speaks

In the Echoes of Night

When Shadows are Silent sentinels

And Whispers Sing in Ethereal Light.

The Muse Stares

In the Glimmers of day,

His Gaze entirely Focused

On what I might Say.

The Muse Watches,

Waiting in the Breathless Rush

Of Inspiration Dancing

Amid the Ebon Hush.

When the Muse Sleeps,

His Dreams Filling the void

Grasping at my thoughts

That are Ever Employed.

When The Muse is Telling,

All His Secrets Unfold

In the Lavender Twilight

And the Bright Morning’s Gold.

The Muse sits beside me

Waiting for me to respond,

His Endless Enchantment

An Unbreakable Bond!






Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer and model. Thank you~