Gate – #writephoto #FlashFiction



Cold and bleak, the gate stood, waiting.  Harbinger of the lost; temple of the Unseen, it yawned in the void of the lifeless living among the living. Spectral silence whispered round its ancient stones, sending shivers in spite of the hope about which it spoke: the possibility that life extended beyond life.

They stood gazing at its perplexing iron and stonework, confused and misled.  Long they had thought the avenue of light would lead them directly onward, but standing in the slanting shadows they began to understand.  Moving ahead or lingering, dead, was entirely their choice.

It always had been.


Written in response to the #writephoto writing challenge posted by Sue Vincent today.  A Photo that immediately spoke to me.  Thank You Sue!






Beautiful Photograph by Sue Vincent


    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it. This photo grabbed me the moment I saw it.

      I have actually written two, book one and two of a Trilogy. they are not gothic, but a bit dark, yet lyrical. Check out my Dark Fey category for all sorts of previews 😉 Thanks Ever So Much.

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