#MusicandMuseMonday – Pawn – #Dark #Poetry


Writhing Spirals of ebon night

Entrance into a Tantric sight

Embellished within the Tapestry of my thoughts

Where rhythms Perch like daggers


Cascading in the ribbon of Seductive Night

Delirious trajectory Conforming


Begging Forgiveness as the blade falls

Whispering Serration of Echoing calls

As I plummet through the Vast Unknown

What I once was; Now no longer Shown

Wings held close


Falling from Light





Lost in the quicksilver Agony of Shame

Forgotten Pawn in an endless game.


This is a companion piece, written in response to Fall From Grace by Richard M. Ankers

Thank You Richard for the killer Inspiration 😉





Musical Inspiration by: Within Temptation



    1. 🙂 Thats awesome , Thank You Sargon. I’ve never had that ‘honor’, but if it ever comes up, I’ll remember! 🙂 I was well inspired through Richard’s poem setting the stage 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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