Absolutely Beautiful, Seductive Dark Poetry by a true lyrical Master 🙂

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Fast-flowing clouds reach with cirrus fingers
Their wet, grasping grip christening my hair
Soaking me from the inside out and deeper still
My soul sloshes in residual sky; I am drowning
A serpent’s tongue flashes through the heavens
Black, not gold, it shatters the midnight
Like an obsidian scar only I can see
But I do not want to see it; I’ve seen enough
I search for the sun, some glimmer of dawn
The clouds swirl on in darkness, faster, faster
But day never comes and my light fades to dreams
I fold my wings, clutch them to me, allow myself to fall
The drop is far, the landing hard, and still the clouds speed on

NB: Tonight’s poem was written to the music of Within Temptation. Extra kudos to you if you can guess the song. A clue is in there?

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