#FridayFantasy – Evening Falling

Evening Falling


The Evening was lazy and Quiet
With only the Soft chirruping of crickets
And the monotone whirring of cicadas breaking the Stillness.

A Cool Breeze of Twilight began to Twist and Dance among the leafy canopy overhead,
And the Monarchs of the Forest tossed their heads and Sighed;
Shaking a Myriad of Fireflies from their beds,
Which scattered like Starlight into the Gathering shadows.


~An Excerpt from Dark Fey~

Beautiful Photograph found at: Pinterest


      1. This thought has been rattling around in my head for several weeks and Im wondering what your thoughts might be. Im imagining a Character spotlight of a slightly different sort. Your Character and Mine, holding a conversation about something that drives them both: that elusive sense of Purpose. Might be interesting to “see” how they would interact and what they might have to say to/about each other.

        what do you think??

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