Friday (Fey) Fantasy – Concealed




Although he remained cloaked in the shadows, she could see he was tall and was dressed in very dark colors, which was quite odd for a Fey of the Light.  Most fey she knew were fair of aspect, fair of countenance and fairly adorned, yet he pressed into the shadows of the forest and was only barely discernible. Most startling of all was the deep red of his aura.

She could not prevent herself from turning at this shocking discovery to gaze at him directly, yet, in that moment, he vanished into the darkness like a wolf disappearing into fog.  Utterly exasperated and unable to contain her sudden outburst, she cried out after him in the loudest voice she could muster.

“Who are you?” Only silence answered her, but she could not bring herself to shrug him off and continue along her way; she knew full well he remained, watching her; he had simply concealed himself better.

An Excerpt from Dark Fey:  The Reviled



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