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Cascading Torrent


Tide of Softest Night

Slipping through my hands

Like an hourglass falling

Before the waking Light of day,

Cascading Torrent

Of Ethereal Majesty

Turning in the mercurial void

Undo the hapless, shapeless notions

That spin unhindered in the shades

And Shine in Triumphant Glory

Through every Breathless word

And Shivering Sentiment

These poor pawns of verbose suffrage

May spill upon the page.



.Though I have not been following the NaPoWriMo daily prompts, I thought to challenge myself last evening.  Sitting at my laptop, listening to the beguiling sounds of Adrian von Ziegler, I opened a word.doc, closed my eyes and simply wrote.  I did not pause until the words tumbling through my mind abated, and this poem was a result.

What is it about? What does it say to you?

And are you willing to accept a similar challenge to allow Inspiration full control?





Beautiful Photograph by:  aerialhorizon.photography