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In a Sigh


The Warm Blush of Light

Kisses my forehead,

Sings in my Spirit

A New Song,

A Bright Song;

The Soft Rush of Twilight

Caresses my Cheek,

Whispers to my Heart

A Lullaby,

A Sweet Soft Sigh;

The Tender Hush of Night

Soothes my Every Dread

Though I barely Hear It,

With a Soft Song,

With a Lush Song;

As the Shimmer of Renewing Light

Kisses my Cheek,

Speaks to my Heart,

“Be” and “Try”

In a Sweet Soft Sigh!






Beautiful Photograph found on: http://www.ilexinstant.com  Credit Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank You.