The Sweet Hand of Grace

the sweet hand of grace


In the Shadows of bleak darkness and fear,
In the face of the Monster that mercilessly leers
Be Assured the Loving, Sweet Hand of Grace
Knows Each Delicate curve of Your face,
Knows Your heart and Your Truest desires,
Knows what makes Your passions burn like Fire,
Knows how the Smiles often turn to rain,
Knows the Deepest Depths of Your pain,
Understands that Patience is often too much,
Understands the Longing of Your heart for Love’s Touch,
Understands Your questions, Your uncertainties, Your dread,
Understands the confusion that often spins in Your head,
Understands that Faith takes all of Your might,
Understands the battles You endlessly fight.
Grace and Hope Walk Beside You Each day,
Lingering, Waiting, for a Moment to Allay,
For the Single, Soft Instant when Your Walls Tumble Down,
When Love can Draw Near without a sound,
To Abide with You as You Journey Along,
To Sing with You the Gentlest Song
Of Understanding that will Soothe Every Fear,
Calm every Worry, Dry Every Tear,
In the Shadows od bleak darkness and fear,
Know with Certainty, The Hand of Grace is near.


Beautiful Artwork found on Google Image.  Unable to discover Original Artist, but Credit Gratefully Acknowledged.


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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