Friday Fantasy – The Fierce One

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Today my Friend and Fellow Indie Author Roari Benjamin has truly honoured me.  Not only by allowing me to share the story (well, a small portion of it, at least!) of one of my leading character’s in the Dark Fey Trilogy, but also by offering me the place of honour, as it were.  Today Roari kicks off a new “series” on her blog; that of Indie Author Character Spotlights, where she shines The Lime Light, so to speak, upon the character of an Indie Author’s book(s) (an idea that I think is really very nifty and wish, rather, that I had thought of it first!) Roari has given me (or rather, my FEY) the distinct privilege of being her very first Indie Author Character Spotlight.  For this I am truly Grateful and would like to say Thank You Roari!!   🙂

Thus, though it is not Saturday, and without further (you see where this is going, don’t you:  I really don’t need to say it, right? ) I should love to share her post with you. Here is a taste of what you will discover over at her blog.

Character Spotlight: Gairynzvl – The Fierce One

For today’s Character Spotlight, please join me in welcoming Author Cynthia A. Morgan, here to grant us a peek at the enchanting, hauntingly beautiful world she’s created within “The Dark Fey Trilogy.” She sends us Jaeryn, a TruthSayer, as her emissary. He’s traveled long and far to shine the Spotlight on Gairynzvl, The Fierce One – one who is rumored to have suffered through and escaped from unspeakable horror, only to return, that he might spare others the same fate. (This is a first look at new Dark Fey material, Dear Reader!) Would you care to pour a pint of honeyed-ale, as Jaeryn prepares to take the stage and share his tale? Oh, but we must hurry, the show is about to start….

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jaeryn; I am a TruthSayer – one who journeys from village to village, gathering information to prove or dispel the rumors and hearsay, which travel on the wind. I went to the village Hwyndarin in order to learn about one of The Reviled; about whom, supposedly, the Ancient prophecies foretell, and upon my arrival in that picturesque little village, I was immediately sent towards a tavern in search of a beautiful, young shefey named Ayla Yna. When I found her, I told her the same and this is the conversation that followed…….

Have I piqued your interest or curiosity? OH I do hope so, not only so you pop on over to Roari’s blog (found here: to continue reading about Gairynzvl, but also to share the Kick Off of what I believe is a wonderful example of how Indie Authors support each other.

Thank You for Sharing this special Day.  I hope you enjoy the full tale!




      1. Dear Morgan, I always read, at least I try to understand… but can’t write always… You are one of my beautiful poets in Word Press community. You are welcome and have a wonderful new week, Love, nia

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      2. Thank You Nia 😉 Im not sure if it would help, but I do have a Translation App built in to my blog now. You can find it at the top OR on the side widget bar. 😉 I truly appreciate your friendship and support Nia!

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      3. Sometimes I try to use Goog Translator too dear Morgan. Reading and understanding is better than to express or explain my thoughts 🙂 But I enjoy every time with them… You are welcome and Than k you, love, nia

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  1. Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank-yous, Morgan, for sending Jaeryn to share what he learned about Gairynzvl! I am really, truly honored 🙂 Looking forward to sharing more Indie Characters soon!

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