Long Night – NaHaiWriMo



Long Night of Winter

Transition going Unseen

Sleep Soft and Dream Sweet






.  Written for National Haiku Writing Month, which is teaching me to focus on the Emotion of the Haiku as well as the Season from which the Emotion springs.  In order to challenge myself, I am opening Google Image Search under a subject, such as Winter, Snow, Calm, etc.; I am selecting the first image that Inspires a thought and writing my Haiku on it.  Today I thought the word “Sleep” such as the deep, hibernation through winter not only of animals, but plants as well, and the renewal that happens unobserved.


Beautiful Photograph found at:  walls.com.ua


    1. I actually got it sent to me by Harry via Poets Corner. If you send him a message he can send it to you. Im not sure where he got it. It was a bit of work setting it up, tho…just as a forewarning…

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      1. 😦 OH Dear 😦 Im very sorry to hear that. Im sure it will be a challenge, but it may also open the door to/for unexpected Blessings. I pray it will.


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