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Will You

Will You Hold my Hand
As the Night closes in?

Will You Linger Close
If the Tremors Begin?

Will You Watch with me
Until the Fear is Gone?

Will You Draw me Close,
Holding me until Dawn?

Will You Look into my
Uncertain Gaze and See?

Will You Search my Frightened
Heart For Me?

Will You Stand by me
Through Tempest and Storm?

Will You Smile with me
When the Days are Warm?

Will You Allow me to Love You
With my Entire Soul?

Will You Trust that Love
Shall make us Both Whole?

Will You Walk with me
Into the Future with Surety?

Will You Protect me when
I Need Security?

Will You Love me As I
Dream that You Will?

Will You Permit Love
To Bless and Fulfill?

Will You Allow me to Love You
In Equal Measure?

Will You Open Your Heart to
This Unconditional Treasure?


Exquisite Original Artwork by: Adele Lorienne