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One good thing about being housebound during a storm of the century blizzard, is that I got to do some cooking, which I have not done properly for some while. Intent on preparing something reasonably healthy, which can also be reheated with relative ease and rapidity, I set about creating a Fish Taco Burrito. Now, you may well ask, how might one achieve a taco burrito, but to be honest, it’s just a variation on a theme of a fish taco.

8 Pieces of Swai or other mild, flaky fish
1 cup rice – cooked.
1 packet store bought Taco Seasoning
1 container store bought bruschetta or salsa
1 cucumber – diced
1 Hearts of Celery Bunch –diced
Burrito size soft Flour Tortillas
Sour Cream (or Guacamole)
Shredded Cheese (I used a Mexican Blend)
Leafy Greens / Lettuce
Corn chips/Tortilla chips/Doritos
Salt & Pepper
Lemon Pepper

So, What I did was to bake about 8 pieces (filets) of frozen Swai, which had been languishing in my freezer for over long. You could, however, use any mild, flaky fish. I always bake my fish from a frozen state to help keep it from drying out, but if you are baking fresh, simply add a bit of water in the baking pan to help keep it moist. I baked the fish at 350F for roughly 40 minutes, seasoned with a touch of butter, salt, pepper, lemon pepper and a generous covering of Parsley. The parsley not only adds a fresh flavor, but also helps to eliminate SOME of the fishy aroma while baking. Once the fish was baked, I put the lot, juice and all, into a large bowl and flaked it apart immediately. I seasoned the fish with a single packet of store bought Taco Seasoning.



While the fish was baking, I cooked some rice. Specifically I used Royal Blend Texmati White, Brown, Wild and Red rice, but you could realistically use a cup of whatever you prefer. Once the rice was cooked, I blended it into the seasoned fish. This creates the Burrito filling.


Fish tacos always come with a delicious and fresh vegetable salsa of some sort or another, so as a topping for the burrito, I blended a store bought container of Bruschetta ( yes, Italian, I know, but it is such a lovely combination of tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs, which I think goes well with fish). You could , of course, use salsa if you prefer it. Add one diced cucumber and the diced hearts of a bunch of celery. (again, I always use the inner heart of the bunch of celery for salads, as the yellowish stalks are always far more tender and the leafy bits are perfect for salads) Save the outer stalks for soup by freezing them or cut them up and eat them with peanut butter (YUM!) Stir to blend.


Now we’re ready to assemble! If you are preparing a burrito from ‘leftovers’ you would heat a small bowlful of the seasoned fish and rice in the microwave for 1 ½ minutes.


Pour into a burrito size soft flour tortilla, which you’ve already placed in a soup dish or on a plate, keeping the meat near one side of the burrito. Add a small handful of shredded cheese, per your preference, but less is more healthy. Fold the burrito over as pictured.





Top the burrito with a tablespoon of light sour cream (or if you like, guacamole) and sprinkle with a small amount of additional cheese. Microwave the burrito for an addition 1 ½ – 2 minutes until the cheese is melted.


Top this with a generous helping of the bruschetta/salsa and a handful of leafy greens (I’ve chosen a red lettuce blend)


Add a small handful of crushed Corn Chips, tortilla chips or Doritos. (this is the Taco component of the burrito)


And now the best part. ENJOY!