The Sign Post

Sign Post

As the New Year opens before us, offering an endless variety of opportunity and chance, we stand here at the precipice of Time with Hope and Aspiration rife within us. As the Gate of Fate slowly opens to admit entry, what direction Guides you in your Journey? What new Goals will you set, hopefully not to be broken; what new schemes might you consider undertaking; which places call to your Heart and Spirit, begging your attention? Like an intrepid traveler waiting at the Sign Post for the next conveyance to arrive, what Dreams fill our thoughts in this broad moment of new prospects?

Will you leap into these new days with eagerness and joy or will you go carefully, cautiously stepping where you have never traversed before? Will you launch yourself into the blank canvas that lies before you, painting the scene as you go or will you stand quietly in meditative preparation, envisioning the wonder of the panorama in fullness before ever painting the first brushstroke? Will you carefully plot out the entire chapter; thinking and then re-thinking each phrase and measure or will you take up your pen and allow the Dream to immerse you in its Beauty and Wonder; its sights and sounds, perils and trepidations; its momentum that will impel you and compel you to write the next chapter and the next and then the next until the story is as full and marvelous, as delightful and distracting as any might ever inspire to be?

The Sign Post stands patiently before you, speaking in tones rarely perceived that the choice is entirely yours and whispering the sage reminder that it is not the destination, but the Journey that makes each chapter a page-turner, each score and measure Harmonious Symphony, each brushstroke a breathtaking masterpiece and each Moment Purely Magical.

Safe Journeys My Friends!

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Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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