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Uncertain Fair,

How this Heart Longs for Thy Tender Touch!

Bejeweled Night in All her Splendour

Lays as fallow, barren dust

In comparison to Thy Most Gentle Caress!

UnSpoken Temptation,

How this Heart heaves in Sighs for Thy Lingering Gaze!

The Depths of Calypso’s Resplendent Abyss

Are but transitory shoal,

Beside the Majesty of Thy most Fleeting Glance!

Speak often,

Oh Most Protracted Sigh,

And tell of this poor Heart’s Sweet Longing,

Beguiled and Unbending

To the Ravages of Inopportune Time,

Hold Fast, Sweet Longing!

Hold Fast and Keep Thy Measure

Knowing This Hour of forlorn division

Is but one Ephemeral Moment,

Compared to the Eternity of Thy Love

Shared with Mine in

Sweetest Longing!

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Breathtaking Music: Lament by Patrick Cassidy