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Hello once again. Yes, I am still busy working on promotion for the upcoming release of Dark Fey: Standing in Shadows, but I did not want to neglect you NOR did I wish to leave anyone out. Out of what you quizzically ask? Well………..(since you asked) ( I Know…I asked, really, but nevertheless) I am working on a Facebook event (Nov 27-30) to help Launch Dark Fey: Standing in Shadows and would like to extend the invitation, not only to stop by and peruse all the freebies, enter the giveaways that will be running and rub elbows, electronically-speaking, with fellow authors, but to invite anyone who might be interested to participate in the event.

How might you join in? Very simple…You can offer a Free book/photo/or service either through a giveaway/contest (where people have to visit your FB /blog page, follow you on twitter, etc) in order to have a chance to win OR might you consider contributing a copy of your book as part of the GRAND PRIZE?  I would share a post about you and link to your site in return.

Just a bit of fun to kick things off and, hopefully, gain some networking for all invovled. Hope to see you there : https://www.facebook.com/events/818373964939127

If you’re interested, drop a comment and we shall confer 😉 ☆.•°*°•.☆Dark Fey: Standing in Shadows Release Party☆.•°*°•.☆

Thanks Ever So and as ever, Best of Success 🙂