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Sing Sweetly

In Beautiful Contradiction,

Unearthly Hallows United

In Blithe antipathy.

Sensations ripple through Harmonious Time

Segmented, Disjointed,

Still United,


False Hope Abounds

Upon every Shore,

Seeking, Grasping,

Claiming More and More,

Yet in all the Glitter that fills the Void,

Heartbeats Shatter,

Passion miss-employed.

Fragments of Time

Speculation Mocking Loud,

While Glory Ascends

From the Treacherous Crowd,

Bated and Breeding,

Surreptitiously Waiting,

Love never-Ending

Through Eyes filled with Hating.

O Sing Sweetly

In the most Fine Contradiction

While Time Unwinds

Her Inexorable malediction.

Amazing original Artwork by: jockrikky at Deviantart.com