Friday Fantasy – Broad Kingdom

Broad Kingdom

Broad, Aspiring Kingdom; long Shaken,
Streaming with Translucent Love,
Kiss my Dreaming mind and Waken
All things Magical from Your Heights Above.

As I stare in the Sullen Twilight
Of our Grasping, Thirsty world,
Your Splendor, All Entrancing Sight,
Lost from this Reality, by Tempests Hurled

Beyond the Grasp of Limited Dreaming,
Flourishing now in Memory, Alone,
Radiant Beauty Ever Streaming,
From the Sweetest Vision Ever Shone.

Lost in Time You Stand and Wait,
Glistening in the Primordial Hush,
For us to Turn from our Chosen Fate,
Throw Off the Chains of Malignant Rush

To Dance in your Beauteous Realm once More,
Calamity and Greed O’re turned, at last;
To Rest upon Your Sweet, Fertile Shore,
Dreaming Sweetly while Gentle Clasped.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Goran Josic


    1. Hi Line πŸ™‚ So glad to see you again. Im sorry I haven’t been round much. ALOT going on outside of the blog and Im just hanging on here by a mere thread at the moment.

      BUT>>>> how would you like to be In The Lime Light this weekend? I would love to spotlight you and your Beautiful Blog(s). I would email you a few questions and you would send them back, easy as that. What do you think? If you ‘re interested, please pop me a line via my email :

      Thanks So much My Friend πŸ™‚


    1. You put so much of yourself in your work. I guess we all do to some extent, but because you wield such a powerful pen, it is there to speak to all who want
      to hear. Your stories (in your poems) are marvelous and I go so enjoy reading them. Until next time?


    1. Thanks Ever So Much Michelle. Sorry Im so late responding. I was “off” for a few days and wasn’t doing much social media anywhere. I agree, I’ll take flat number 7B and you can have 7 D πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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