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Broad Kingdom

Broad, Aspiring Kingdom; long Shaken,
Streaming with Translucent Love,
Kiss my Dreaming mind and Waken
All things Magical from Your Heights Above.

As I stare in the Sullen Twilight
Of our Grasping, Thirsty world,
Your Splendor, All Entrancing Sight,
Lost from this Reality, by Tempests Hurled

Beyond the Grasp of Limited Dreaming,
Flourishing now in Memory, Alone,
Radiant Beauty Ever Streaming,
From the Sweetest Vision Ever Shone.

Lost in Time You Stand and Wait,
Glistening in the Primordial Hush,
For us to Turn from our Chosen Fate,
Throw Off the Chains of Malignant Rush

To Dance in your Beauteous Realm once More,
Calamity and Greed O’re turned, at last;
To Rest upon Your Sweet, Fertile Shore,
Dreaming Sweetly while Gentle Clasped.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Goran Josic