In the Garden of My Dreams

In the Garden of my Dreams

In the Garden of my Dreams

Where Time and Memory Collide,

I Wait in the Hush of What used to Be,

Beyond the vanity of Pride.

Where once upon a vanished Time

We Shared and Hoped in Unity;

We Danced in Blissful, Romantic Rhyme;

We Sighed in Sweet Serenity.

In the Garden of my Dreams

I Stand in Reverence, Never Debating;

For You, Beloved, to Return to me,

Where I Linger, Breathlessly Waiting.

Beautiful photograph found on Pinterest via Credit Acknowledged to the Original Photographer. Thank you!


      1. always a pleasure, you bring so much joy, so I thank you in some small way by sharing
        with others
        แ•™(๐Ÿ’“โ–ฟ๐Ÿ’“)แ•— โค (เน‘ฬ€ อœส–เน‘ฬ) โค


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