Saturday Showcase – Shattered Trust

Shattered Trust

Upon the Dark and Scattered Shadows
Of Doubt and Fear, Unbidden, Unchecked,
Sits a Lowly Angel, Waiting,
For Robes of Finest Silks, Bedecked
With Heaven’s Hope and Immortal Light,
To Wipe Away Each Despairing Tear,
Cast Adrift Upon a Sea of Souls
Where Misery Reaches Year after Year.

Upon this Bastion of Disappointment
She lurks with downcast eyes,
Longing in her Heart of Hearts
For Love that Releases O’er Burdened Sighs,
Yet Never does she lift her Gaze,
Nor Stretches out her Trembling Hand,
But Weeps in Melancholic Bliss,
Prisoner to a self-made land
Of hollow promises and subterfuge,
Painted faces of greed and lust,
And never does she Ask,
Not Once,
For Love to Heal her Shattered Trust.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Lady Symphonia at

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