Breath of Tranquility

Breath of Tranquility

Breath of Tranquility, Rest over me,

When I am tossed and abandoned

On the Incongruous Sea,

Imperiled, Alone, Beyond Intrepidity,

Breath of Tranquility, Sing over me,

When I am afraid, In Darkness ensnared,

Doubtful of any who ever cared,

Lingering Shadow of Superfluity,

Breath of Tranquility, Sigh over me.

Sing Sweet,

Sing Soft,

In the Heavens Aloft,

Breath of Tranquility,

Breathe Deep in Me.

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest via Credit Acknowledged to the Original photographer. Thank You~


  1. GOLDEN TRUTH GOD.. Nautilus

    IS uni-sea creature.. outcast.. Born
    loneliest only sea creature.. then..
    What to do.. sea creature
    thinks.. only feeling now..
    this creature sings
    becomes creation..
    sOul.. heArt.. spiRit Now
    greater as Now.. goes on..
    Shell in middle beats 1..2..3..5..8..
    Nautilus Hope.. Spiral Golden Truth Born

    Born Truth Golden Spiral.. Hope Nautilus
    8..5..3..2..1 beats middle in Shell..
    on goes.. Now as greater..
    Now spiRIt.. heArt.. sOul
    creation becomes..
    sings creation this
    now feeling only.. thinks
    creature sea.. do to What
    then.. creature sea only loneliest..
    Born.. outcast.. creature uni-sea IS

    Nautilus.. GOD TRUTH GOLDEN

    (;..i suppose..
    you are in..
    good company


  2. Dear Morgan…I love your pairing of the Incongruous Sea, and Breath of Tranquility images. Thanks for this beautiful poem and your beautiful self.


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