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House of cards

Whirligig of time…
I was born on the slop bog
under shining stars

Chance of Blighted Fate
Twisting all once Treasured
Sorrow Masking Love

My pillows were filled
with warm putrid leaves, peat moss
and innocent dreams

Then Chance Twisted Fate
Beyond all Expectation
Brief Moment of Time

…ball dresses for rats,
sweetest lullabies for toads,
glowworms in the hair…

Sweetest Enchantment
Beguiling Prince Dancing Fair
Beneath soft Moonlight

Grandma’ folios,
a philtre. Love is easy!
I took up the reins

Spinning in Moonlight
Whispers of Fairytale Dreams
Midnight bells Tolling

I rushed at full speed
to a tryst… A braking path
on wet fallen leaves…

Shared Oblivion
Deliciously Tempting
Moonlight Singing Sweet

Oops! Loud brake squealing…
The one boot lies on the road…
Where is my fair prince?

Masquerade of Fate
Time Beguiled by my Ruse
House of Cards, Falling

Whirligig of time…
I was born on the slop bog…
and spent all my life

This variation on a Cinderella theme is the brainchild of Tetiana Aleksina from the blog Unbolt (https://unbolt.wordpress.com) Tia connected with me after I posted “Write With Me”, an open ended invitational post for other poets and writers to share a collaboration with me. I do love writing with others, it’s always such a pleasure to meet and work with (well, at least electronically!) others who share the love of words and Tia is no exception. She had a bold idea, knew where she wanted to go, and took me in a direction I don’t often wander, which is marvelous fun in the grand scheme of writing things and exactly what collaborations are about, at least to me 🙂 Together we have crafted a Narrative Haiku that tells the story of a young, Cinderella-type character, but with a twist. With her verses in italics and mine not and the amazing artwork by the artist Cornacchia, this tale has unfolded to surprise me and fits perfectly into Friday Fantasy. I hope you enjoy it as well and take a moment to visit Tia’s intriguing blog 😉


Interested in working with me on a collaboration? Find more info here: http://wp.me/P3C4k1-1FA
Beautiful Original Artwork by: Cornacchia at Deviantart.com (cornacchia-art.deviantart.com/gallery)