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Unyielding Song

Love Whispers from Heart to Heart,
From Soul to Soul,
Encouragement and Empowerment
Its Gentle Goal;
Love Cradles with Tenderest Hands,
Love Sings Softly ,
Love Understands,
Love Never Looks away from its Dearest Treasure,
Remembering All,
Forgetting Everything,
Even the steepest Fall;
Love Holds us Carefully,
Love is Ever Near,
Ever Watchful,
Guarding Me,
Guarding You.
Listen in the Hush of your fretful Heart,
Amidst the chaos this world Imparts,
Hear Love Whispering its Unyielding Song,
Regardless of the deepest, darkest wrong;
Love is Speaking,
Soft and Clear,
If you Long to Remember,
Draw Quietly Near
And Love will Embrace you,
Whispering to your Heart,
Encouragement and Empowerment
Ever to Impart.

***This poem was Inspired by the Spirit through the Loving and Beautiful words of my Friend Amy found here https://herladypinkrose.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/cradled/ *****

Beautiful Photography by Phil Koch