The Ancients

The Ancients

Wisdom Spanning countless Ages,

Witness to a thousand Dreams,

Watching from the Depths of Twilight,

Where Illusion masks more than it Seems.

Wonder of Beloved Creation,

Walking ‘neath your Verdant Tower,

Willows Guarding O’er your Gates,

Wondrous in Viridian Flowers.

Waking to the diminishing Day,

Wanton in her Fragrant scents,

Waning Light that once Held Sway,

Watchtower of The Ancients.

Beautiful Photograph of the Church of Trees in Belgium found at :


    1. 🙂 I confess, I rediscovered this one this morning and even I sat back and said OH MY! I wrote it about a year ago and entirely forgot it. Im so happy you could enjoy it (again) with me 😉

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      1. i often see the shapes of deceased stars in the tree’s, it’s as if they are alive and watching us, which i am sure they are, blessings, say me a great prayer, amen


      1. My goodness, Mor, no need to give me anything!! I have been more then richly given unto knowing how much you Loved the post I created for you. I do Love you!!! 🙂 ❤


      1. I avoid the climbing too, I prefer looking up, you might see a cloud in the shape of a horsie between the branches for one.


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