Friday Fantasy – Imminent Lore

Imminent Lore

Amid the Vestiges of Spiraling Night,

Twirling to the Nightingale’s Lyrical song,

Mystical Muse, Neither right nor wrong,

Time Weaves her Enigmatic Light.

There She Dances, both Imminent and Lore,

Peace and Parody Her Beguiling Spell,

While Hours, like Tides, Perpetually Ebb and Swell,

And Mortals, Her Graces, ever Implore.

Hush Sweet Lark!
Sing Bright, Fair Crone,
There She Dances,
Ever Alone!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Cornacchia at

2 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy – Imminent Lore

    1. The longer you look at her the more you see. I loved the picture right from the start, but then I started seeing all the little things the artist added. Just amazing 🙂 Im glad you like it too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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