By the Breath of Twilight


By the Breath of Twilight,

When Labours Cease and Silence,

For One Fleeting Measure,

Like the Soothing Caress of a Lover’s Hand

That in his Lightest Touch does Ease the Sorrows of the Day and Burdens of the Mind,

A Balm as Sweet as Dulcet Wine to the Lip and

As Fine as the Harmonious Melodies of the Lute,

Fills Each Lingering Breath with Sighs,

Dries the Water from these Searching eyes,

When in that Shifting Light, ‘neath the Lavender Whispers of Eventide,

I See Your Most Beguiling Smile.

Beautiful Photograph found at: Thank You to the Original Photographer.


    1. beguiling as in sweetly entrapping, deliciously alluring, and/or delightfully confusing. You are right, it’s a two-sided coin that word, but it is precisely what I meant 😉 Love it like that, after all, isn’t it?

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      1. That’s still not what I meant, though.

        Beguiling also means:


        … and all the rest of it …

        That is why I was wondering. 🙂

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  1. Beautiful, Morgan! BTW – when I read it, I understood beguiling as you meant it, and I believe that is the most common usage. It is a gorgeous poem, and once again you have done the amazing. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank You Michelle 🙂 I do tend to use Beguile quite often, but always tend to mean it in a positive form. Im glad it comes across mostly that way. You are so wonderful! I do confess, I LOVE this one 🙂 I guess my next step is to publish a book of poetry!

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