Comprehending Eternity

Comprehending Eternity

Love Wells Up from deep Within,

It Lives in me, Wanting, Waiting,

Searching for You in the Vast Aloneness of this world,

Calling out for You in the Silence of Singularity,

Reaching for You in the emptiness that Surrounds me,

And though I Find You not,

My Heart Believes,

My Soul Knows,

My Essence Waits,

Understanding Nothing,


Comprehending Eternity in the Depth of my Love for You.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Barbara Florczyk


  1. “I love you, without knowing why”, he paused, “thinking about you always”, “deep, I crave you, I feel it is possible and impossible”, “nevertheless, you are there as I find this to be a miracle, and I just agree, that I love you boundlessly, not really knowing why, my hear t goes out to you, to fill our love, and I sometimes think I’m not even deserving of you.” He said, muttering in the basement amongst his writings.

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